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We Made Poultry Process Easy

PoultryMon hatchery,farms,coldroom etc.. information system created to deliver real time, consistent process monitoring through every level of operations. Incubation, climate control can be fully optimized, seamlessly connected and data enabled.


Remote Monitoring

Real Time Temperature, Humidity ,Power, Fan,
Door and Rack condition monitoring.

Local Device Display

Monitor real time accurate values
on device display.

Local Alarm

Unit level alarm to alert the operator
for any threshold breaches.

Automatic Data Logging

Data Automatically recorded at user
selected intervals.


Alerts on Mobile for any unexpected
condition changes.

Data Reports & Traceability

Track real time and historic
data report.


• Continuously monitor incubators, hatchery automation and climate control systems from anywhere using mobile or computer.
• Fine-tune settings for optimum incubation conditions at all times.
• Manage key functions from track & trace, fully integrated alarm management.
• Alerts automatically detects changes to temperature, humidity, fan rotation Malfunctioning, door open or power loss in setters and hatchers.
• Chart every process and event in day to day operations.
• Produce real time management reports for batch-specific analysis and decision-making.

Drive New Levels of Profitability

When it comes to smart industrial manufacturing, you need a solution that provides both vertical and horizontal integration, making it easier for you to connect factory to enterprise. Our industrial IoT solutions are perfectly suited to all manufacturing verticals including pharmaceuticals, machinery, mining and rock excavation and more.

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